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There weren't only dogs behind bars this weekend at the RiverCentre. Oh, the horror!

Howdy, folks. Time for a little weekend recap, if you don't mind:

Friday nite, I saw the Wolves squeak out an 89-84 win at the Target Center before venturing to St. Paul, where Evan's photography was being shown at the MMAA, with musical accompaniment from locals Whisper in the Noise. The next morning, JRDN & I rolled back on down to the RiverCentre, which was packed to the gills with bitches. Yes, it was day one of the Land O'Lakes Kennel Club dog show, and our pals the Rosens' tibetan terrier George was in competition (though I'm still not sure if the dog actually knew what was going on). It was quite the spectacle, though not what we had expected from previous viewings of Best in Show. No Parker Posey, no Fred Willard, lots of dog feces. Here's a write-up on the event from the local Star Tribune.

Later that afternoon, I luckily stumbled across a Boing Boing post informing me that fellow NYU alum & Lonely Island dude Andy "Ardy" Samberg had appeared on the previous nite's Premium Blend on Comedy Central. As I've mentioned before, Andy has to be one of the funniest people I've ever met, though I didn't know that he actually did stand-up. A pleasant suprise.

If I ever bothered to check out what's going on over at Friendster, I would have had more advance notice of Andy's appearance from his gal Mimi. Alas, I was lucky to find out about it before Comedy Central re-ran the episode on Saturday nite, so I fired up the ol' VCR & recorded it for posterity:

MOV Andy Samberg on Premium Blend (29.8mb)

Andy is more than just a Channel 101 superstar. Chez Chat, the Lonely Island blog, has more info & comments. It also tipped me off to a pretty funny interview the dudes did with Osterich Ink. And in honor of Andy's Comedy Central stand-up debut, here's a song (and two remixes) that's all about the young man by TLI's hip-hoppin' alter-ego, Incredibad:

MP3 Incredibad - "Ardy Party"
MP3 Incredibad - "Ardy Party (Ardy vs. Kid Icarus remix)"
MP3 Incredibad - "Ardy Party (Doria remix 1)"


I tuned in-and-out of Sunday's 31-17 playoff win by the hometown Vikes, accidentally missing out on Randy Moss pretending to moon the fans at Lambeau (ESPN's Page 2 also weighs in on the incident). I'm a very cynical Vikings fan, as I'm always expecting the team to blow it, and I often am able to find sick humor in how they always manage to do so. Then again, if the Sox can overcome a history of failure, perhaps the Vikes can as well.

I'm not holding my breath.

After all the constant Fox promos throughout the Vikings game, I just couldn't avoid the fourth season premiere of 24. I was a huge fan of 24 from the beginning, catching every single hour of both season one & two. But I found the show's third season to be rather sub-par, getting lost in random storylines that went everywhere-yet-nowhere & bringing back (and killing off) too many characters/villians from past seasons. Even as the show seemed to get back on track about two thirds of the way through, my patience had waned & I never got around to watching the last several episodes. However, TPTB have retooled for "day" four, ditching most of the cast & centering the show more solely on Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer. I think it was a good move, starting relatively fresh with a brand new storyline without being weighed down by having to incorporate past characters. While the first two hours that aired on Sunday nite weren't amazing (or anything new), they were very captivating in classic 24-form, and I'll be tuning in tonite for another dose. Jack is back, ladies & gents.

Chromewaves & The Brain Drain also watched 24, and have their own takes on its return (beware of spoilers). Not suprisingly, there's a 24weblog.

Elsewhere, on an unrelated note, Daily Refill tries to find a connection between the Unicorns breakup and the Brad & Jen breakup. Hmm...

ETA: Exclusive A Scanner Darkly images over at Ain't It Cool. Sweet.
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