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MP3 The Unicorns - "Tuff Ghost"
MP3 The Unicorns - "Les Os"

JRDN dropped by the Triple Rock early saturday evening to catch an early triple bill of The Ponys, Beans, & The Unicorns. The opening acts were both solid, though I was dragging a bit during their sets. After a bottled caffiene boost, I was ready for Toronto's Unicorns - who were f**kin' great. Their upbeat indie pop/rock was exactly what I needed to pick up my spirits after a frustrating afternoon. They did a lot of bantering back & forth, making calls w/audience members' cell phones, joking around about seeing Wrath of Khan for the first time the night before etc, but they were amusing & it didn't take away from the show. For the uninitiated, I consider these guys highly recommended - also check out their fantastic 2003 LP Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

After the show, we adjurned to the other city, where my team triumphed in TP. During the game, we got a really obscure question about the "Digital Goddess®" of the internet, who apparently is some radio host named Kim Komando. While we eventually won out, we were stumped on that (pie) question - so I'm posting follow-up information for good measure. I'm somewhat in disbelief that this woman actually registered that lame-ass nickname. Oh puleeze, woman...
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