on the last day of your life, don't forget to die

MP3 Silver Jews - "Send in the Clouds"
MP3 Silver Jews - "Rebel Jew"
MP3 Silver Jews - "Advice to the Graduate"

Tonight (4/5) begins the Jewish festival of Passover - and oy vey, what an inconvenience! I got comped tix for Stererolab/Clearlake on Tuesday nite, which conflicts unfortunately w/my mother's 2nd seder. Urgh. Well, at least I didn't lose any cash-money - but it's still annoying. Stupid jewish holiday...I'm gonna eat a lot of leavened bread in protest.

Also, here are some songs from Steve Malkmus & Dave Berman's Silver Jews.

On a more upbeat note, I took Entertainment Weekly's pop culture of the 90's quiz (from the 4/9/04 issue) on the suggestion of my sis, and I scored 108. Damn, how f**kin' good am I?

fox drops the axe

Fox doesn't waste any time, huh? The critically-acclaimed Wonderfalls, which has only recently been airing Friday (and this past Thursday) nites, has been cancelled by the network. Here's what executive producer Tim Minear had to say about it over at some Buffy site/blog. I hadn't really gotten a chance to watch the show, which my friend Nancy Q has been touting, and I won't get much of a chance (though I do have episodes 1-4 downloaded courtesy bittorrent technology). I just hope Arrested Development isn't next on the chopping block.

In honor of the deceased, here's the theme song I got from iTunes:

MP3 Andy Partridge - "I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls"
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