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Joe Mauer's injured knee drew the attention of a team trainer, manager Ron Gardenhire & coach Al Newman. Photo: Jeff Wheeler

The kid was having such a nice start. Twins' rookie catcher & future star Joe Mauer injured his knee in his second big league game, will be out for several weeks, and is going under the knife taboot. In the recent spirit of Passover, I have to say "oy vey..."

that was the river, this is the sea

When I made my big post about RANA last week, I included links to some downloads from RANA's website. One of those tracks was a cover of "We Will Not Be Lovers" by Ireland's rocking-est band of the 80's, The Waterboys. The song that segues into WWNBL is an original RANA tune called "My One Dear Son" that was clearly influenced by these Irish rockers (check the guitar riff during the bridge). In fact, the song was written shortly after the RANA guys attended this Irving Plaza show way back in October 2001.

Here are a couple tracks from the live import double-cd, The Live Adventures of The Waterboys. Caveat: be prepared for some 80's sax action.

MP3 The Waterboys - "Be My Enemy" (live)
MP3 The Waterboys - "This is the Sea" (live)

goin' back to cali

In RANA-related news, the Jersey boys are currently sequencing their next album while preparing to jaunt off to the west coast for some California events (LA & SF folks take notice!). Go check them out & tell them I said hello...

Tuesday 4/13/04
RANA @ The Viper Room
8852 Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood, CA
21+ set @ 8:30pm

Saturday 4/17/04
RANA @ The Elbo Room
647 Valencia St - San Francisco, CA
21+ set @ 10pm advance tix
"Battle of the Bands" show vs Fayvor Love
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