f**kity-f**k-f**k (because i luv you)

I accidentally screwed up my (fairly large) iTunes library once again.

Yes, I am upset about it. I've got a big backlog of music that I haven't sorted yet, which only makes re-organizing a more frustrating chore.

Yes, I have been a lousy blogger. My blogging has been scattershot during the past few months, and I'm still sitting on several unfinished old posts.

And yes, I am upset about that too. But cut me some slack, for I am in a...

MP3 Chromeo - "Rage!"
Urgh. The latest single off Chromeo's 2004 debut album She's in Control.

WMV Chromeo - "Rage!" video
This video might cheer me up a bit. BTW: Who caught the title reference?

Annie's "Me Plus One" is iTunes' free download of the week. Happy now?
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Blogger Kristi Joy @ 7/27/2005 07:22:00 AM:

i hate it when that happens, I really do feel your pain. But I also miss your posts, so I hope you get back on track soon :)    

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