ranarock mpls, come get yo rawk on

I didn't post my tv/etc breakdown yesterday (I was unable to finish a third Memorial Day post), but I'll get to that later this week. Tonite, I'll be down at First Avenue to see my favorite band for the first time in about ten months. I've posted about RANA many, many, many times since I started this blog last year, so at this point I don't know what else to say. Eight bucks will get you two sets of the RAWK in the Entry (doors @ 8pm, RANA around 10 or 11pm), and there's pro wrestling in the adjoining main room ($7) if you're looking for some pre-show fun. I wanna see more Mpls residents at this event than just my tiny crew, so roll on out people!

MP3 RANA - "My One Dear Son > We Will Not Be Lovers"
MP3 RANA - "Loves It, Automatic > Baby's Got A New Bike"
Here are a couple more live cuts from the notable 2/3/05 event at NYC's Tribeca Rock Club, the entirety of which is available through Rockslide. The first is a common RANA combo, a hard-rocking original that segues into the Waterboys cover that inspired it. The latter combo is more unusual, with the powerful "Automatic" leading into the looser, hip-shaking "Baby's," complete with Durant breakdown & sick Metzger guitar solo to cap it off.

Damn, I miss live RANA. Oh man, do these Jersey boys have chops.

bonus MP3 RANA - "Backstage Pass"
Here's what I wrote about this song back in April 2004:
This is an old school RANA tune, written back in 2000 [...] during the Fourteen Ways to Sink a Penny sessions & included on the Your Brain Will Change EP (2001). You will usually hear this song closing out a particularly rawkin' set - it's notorious for being played at the end of RANA's most revered shows. It's a testament to the rock 'n' roll grind & a tongue-in-cheek [...] comment on tourbus groupies. A classic.

Here's hoping tonite's event is worthy of a "Backstage" set closer or encore. This track can be found along with many others on the band's music page.

RANA coming to your town? Check out their tour dates, recent setlists at the band's MySpace page, and reports from the road at Matt Durant's blog.
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