when i'm not around, how do you relate

F**kity f**k f**k, I've been neglecting the blog this week, despite actually having stuff to write about. So in my haste, I'm just going to throw up my pics from Sunday's Junior Boys/Caribou show at the 400 Bar, which was unfortunately without tourmates The Russian Futurists - who were friggin' denied re-entry into the USA because they didn't have the correct work visas & may be unable to return to the States for several years. Yikes.

I'll explain further when I fill out this post with a proper write-up, which I'll hopefully get around to later today very soon. Your patience is appreciated.

MP3 Junior Boys - "When I'm Not Around"

I just finally noticed that gabba (sans Pod) is back up & running. Thank god.

ETA: Since starting the aforementioned jobby-job during the past week, I've been just lousy at managing my time in order to maintain this blog on a satisfying basis. Please bear with me while I try to work out the kinks.

ETA (7/6/05): Okay, here's the lowdown way after the fact, at least as far as I can remember it. Doors for this show were at 8pm, but the bands didn't even arrive until after 10pm. According to Jr. Boy Jeremy Greenspan, the whole caravan was held up at the U.S./Canada border because the of Futurists' visas , although Matthew Adam Hart & company (I think he was touring with a band) had already played a bunch U.S. dates in May before stopping back in their native Canada for a series of shows. The other bands waited as long as they could to get the situation figured out, but eventually had to hit the road without their tourmates (though they did bring along the Futurists' merch). It was hard to believe the Futurists were really banned from the U.S. for an extended period of time, but that's what it seemed like to Greenspan when they left Hart behind at the border. Odd.

Junior Boys finally went on sometime after 11pm & were very solid. They played plenty of tunes off of Last Exit as well as some new material, the highlight of their set (not suprisingly) being a groovy version of "Bellona" that just killed it. Caribou made me wish I had brought my earplugs, because they were friggin' loud (two thrashing drummers can have that effect). Caribou is a POWER trio live, though it was disappointing that they used mostly pre-recorded vocals during their show. While Dan Snaith & company didn't resort to using a laptop to fill in the instrumentation, the lack of actual singing from the band made it kinda difficult to really engage with their performance (the opposite being true of Junior Boys). Still, their projected animated videos were very cool & their wild playing was very entertaining. However, JRDN & I left early because the show went extremely late & our ears were sorta bleeding. Good times, though.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/11/2005 04:19:00 PM:

sounds real good!!!    

Blogger miike @ 6/15/2005 12:12:00 AM:

This Junior Boys track is sweet, I have to ehar more now. If you don't mind I would like to link your site. Check out some of the tunes on my mp3 blog.


Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/11/2005 08:20:00 PM:

It sucked so bad we couldn't make the last leg of the tour. We all got togther again in Hamilton and Toronto and it was a great time. What a fuckin tour. Nice shots
Scott E, keyboards.. RF
p.s. he was travelling with a band...    

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