a quick one while i'm away (part one)

MP3 The New Pornographers - "From Blown Speakers"
I know Sean is all enthusiastic about it, but thus far I am underwhelmed by the recently leaked (thanks to Catbirdseat for the heads up) Twin Cinema. Maybe it'll grow on me, since my second & third times through were much better than my very lukewarm first (more spins needed), but it still feels like something is lacking on this latest New Porn disc, which drops on August 23rd. I responded so immediately to both Mass Romantic & (my #1 album of 2003) Electric Version, not to mention frontman Carl Newman's 2004 solo LP The Slow Wonder, so it's kinda disappointing that it didn't blow me away, like this fantastic Electric Version track did a couple years back.

MP3 The New Pornographers - "Graceland"
Perhaps Twin Cinema just wasn't what I expected from the Pornographers, who have crafted several slower-paced songs that lack some of the bombast that coursed through the veins of their previous efforts. Or maybe the new material just isn't as ridiculously catchy as the rest of the Canuck power-pop supergroup's output. While I got excited when the album's title track was posted in April, both Rachel & I were somewhat unimpressed with it. "Twin Cinema" sounded like good ol' New Porn, but it didn't quite stand out like we thought it should. Thus far, it feels like Twin Cinema just doesn't beg the highway sing-a-longs that the first two discs did (whether we knew the actual lyrics or not). This track (previously linked to back in October '04, courtesy Insound) is off the "rarities" disc of last year's Matador at Fifteen compilation, and dammit if it isn't catchier than anything on Twin Cinema.

MP3 The New Pornographers - "Mass Romantic"
MP3 The New Pornographers - "The Laws Have Changed"
As I'm having a tough time picking a true standout track, I'm not posting any songs from Twin Cinema, though Stereogum & STG are both doing so. These two tracks (courtesy Matador) are two of the band's best efforts IMO & should be listened to repeatedly (also check out the overly-detailed "Laws Have Changed" analysis from Clap Clap if you're so inclined). In cased you missed it, LHB points to a New Porn tour preview from Rolling Stone online.

BTW: I'm not saying that I dislike Twin Cinema. It really is growing on me.

something to shed some light, use it tonite

While I'm still struggling to get things moving & bring this blog fully up-to-date, here are a few brief/random musings to tide you over a little (I hope):

Just a taste of recent concert pix, since I've been slow on the write up.

Is anybody else as bored to tears with the new season of Six Feet Under as I am thus far? Yawn. It looks like they're gonna drive Billy nuts again to spice things up. How original. I hope they manage to wrap things up alright.

Ditch the HBO on Monday nites (you can catch SFU reruns all week) & tune into TNT's excellent new show, The Closer. You ask, "Who needs another crime drama?" Well, this one is actually character-driven (Kyra Sedgwick is an absolute delight) & doesn't suck. It's a welcome addition to the summer TV schedule now that the mediocre fourth season of The Shield is over.

While on the subject of summer series, the second season of Denis Leary's hilarious firefighter drama Rescue Me premiered Tuesday (6/21) on FX. Miss out on the first season? Netflix that sh** & get caught up already.

No, I haven't seen the new new Batman yet, though I'm looking forward to doing so. I've been too busy enjoying my abfab dvd of Northern Exposure's (an old fave) Emmy-winning third season. Loving it, loving it, loving it.

FYI: For those of you who enjoyed last week's acoustic Hold Steady track, The Current is having another fund drive. This time, they have t-shirts.

Lastly, TV Shows on DVD delivered the good news yesterday that the third season of Canadian sketch legend The Kids in the Hall is now available for pre-order - and is shipping this friday. Once again, this is through the KITH's online store, where you can get the new dvd set several months before it will be available in stores or through other online merchants. I've ordered from them twice before (thrice now) & have yet to be disappointed.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/23/2005 07:22:00 AM:

I think that Twin Cinema is definitely a slow burn kind of album. Like you said, it really grows on you.

P.S. Ever come across the bonus track to Electric Version? I believe it's called "Turn." I can't find it online anywhere.


Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/23/2005 10:09:00 AM:

yeah, Six Feet under isnt as good as usual but i'm still going to miss it when it is gone    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/23/2005 10:11:00 AM:

Oh and i thought this season of the Shield was very good, the ending was very dissapointing, I'm suprised they got rid of one of the best new characters so quickly (Glen Close)    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/23/2005 11:02:00 AM:

I thought The Shield was FANTASTIC this year. They got rid of Close because she would only commit to do one year of the show, so they had to. I thought the way they handled that was quite good, and surprisingly emotional. My favorite thing about this season is that it is the one year where Vic actually tried to do everything right, and now next season the Strike Team is going down, despite all that. I love it.    

Blogger solace @ 6/23/2005 11:21:00 AM:

i'm with you, Twin Cinema is GOOD, but after quite a few listens to it, i definitely think it's my "least" favorite NP release. which isn't a bad thing, but i definitely prefer Electric Version to it, no doubt about that, and for the time being, Mass Romantic as well.

it's a bit less power pop/rockin' than the other 2, a lot more mid tempo/slower tunes, and i prefer TEH RAWK.

still hoping to hell they come here w/ Destroyer tho    

Blogger DJMonsterMo @ 6/23/2005 12:29:00 PM:

Interesting. I loved Twin Cinema right off the bat and it's currently my favorite NP album. It might not be as much fun, but it strikes me as being more contemplative, mature, and cohesive.    

Blogger solace @ 6/23/2005 09:52:00 PM:

yeah, but i don't really seek that in NP, i seek fun/catchy/sunny power pop ;)

got plenty of other great "contemplative, mature, and cohesive" records to choose from other artists ;)    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 6/24/2005 05:56:00 PM:

word, solace.

but yeah, all three records are solid.

re: the shield, we're pretty much right back to where we were going into season one, except dutch has grown some balls & vic's separated from his family. will this internal affairs cop take a bullet like kellerman did?    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/27/2005 06:01:00 AM:

I disagree about the SFU comment. This season is less exciting (no carjackings or head shootings) but its more mature this season. A few people who I've talked to were turned off about the "over the top"-ness of last season. This seasons is just as good, just as moving, in a subtle way. Its far from boring.    

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