"dumb is dyin' when you ain't gotta"

Stay out of his way, because Brother Justin is one unhappy anti-christ. Yowza.

R.I.P. Carnivàle.

Dark Horizons (via Reuters) reports that HBO has pulled the plug on its uneven depression-era mystical drama. I'm not too upset with the network, since it did renew my favorite (and television's best) show, The Wire. The critical accolades paid to David Simon's show may have allowed it to survive despite modest ratings, just as the lukewarm response to Carnivàle may have sealed its fate. Creator Daniel Knauf has a deal to produce a new series for 3rd-tier cable network Showtime, so I guess everyone will be moving on.

Damn. And the show was finally getting good. It just took too long to do so.

MP3 Tom Waits - "How's It Gonna End?"
Since it's Wednesday, here's some fitting Waits, from 2004's Real Gone.

Unfortunately, Evil Sofie is stuck in eternal limbo, alongside Twin Peaks' Evil Cooper.

In more encouraging TV news, last nite's season one finale of Veronica Mars was ridiculous. Maybe not as good as last week's, but close enough. And oy vey, the cliffhangers! Mama Mars takes off with Veronica's college money - again! And what happened to Logan? And who was at Veronica's door at the end? I can't believe it still lost in the ratings to friggin' According To Jim!

I'm looking forward to season two (thanks UPN). Oh yeah, Papa Mars rules.

ETA: Oops. I almost forgot. Happy 30th birthday to Frank Chromewaves!
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/11/2005 02:56:00 PM:

Yes for Veronica Mars! Last night's episode was great. I'm glad that you, one of my favorite RSS blogs that I read, likes it. Thanks for sharing your opinion.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/11/2005 03:03:00 PM:

Carnivale RULED! How are we going to know whatever happened to Sophie? Is she good? Evil? Pregnant with Ben's baby?


Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/11/2005 03:07:00 PM:

yeah, i was skeptical early on, not really seeing what all the critical fuss was about. and while it still has shortcomings imo, the show really picked up down the homestretch of the season & ended on a real high.

it's not my favorite show or anything, but i think i've finally come around to liking veronica mars. i'm glad that it will have at least another season (i would have freaked if we were left with those cliffhangers forever).

now, i just need for arrested development to get renewed. the fox upfronts, which may be when we get final word, are on may 19 - the same day as ep 3 & lcd+mia in chicago! i can't deal with the pressure. if ad get cancelled, it may totally ruin the other two. urgh. as i've said before: if ad gets killed, i am done w/the fox network.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/11/2005 03:14:00 PM:

damn cliffhangers...sofie was the omega. yeah, i think she was carrying ben's child. could ben or the unborn kid have eventually brought sofie back from the dark side (a lot of reverse star wars stuff going on here)? perhaps. supposedly, knauf had six seasons plotted out, with a sort of three act structure. obviously, the first act ended with ben & justin's confrontation at the end of season two, and i was really curious to find out what was coming next. still, the first 2/3rds of the 2nd season really meandered, and it only really got entertaining imo in the final few episodes - ya know, when stuff actually happened.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/11/2005 06:18:00 PM:

i've never watched veronica mars... but I sure was freaked out when homegirl was on Deadwood (season one) and got the daylights beaten out of her... and then was killed... eeesh! interestingly, her appearance on Deadwood is not listed on imdb.com.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/11/2005 07:49:00 PM:

that's odd. imdb is usually pretty thorough.

she was pretty cutthroat on deadwood, and her fate was pretty gruesome. very different than veronica.    

Blogger solace @ 5/12/2005 10:41:00 AM:

haha, sweet, glad i'm not the only one who watches VM.

it went from being this sorta cheesey high school detective show to this actually pretty suspenseful (yet still a bit cheesey) and entertaining show.

my girlfriend started watching it early on, but i didn't really catch on until a few months ago.

who do you think was at the door at the end? i thought Logan at first, but not sure. and you're right, my GF was pissed they didn't wrap up what happened to him with the "thugs" :)

props to Mr. Eckel for tapping that hot piece of ass though    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/12/2005 11:02:00 AM:

yeah, the cheesiness factor bugged me too early on.

the logan thing is up in the air, but i doubt that was him at the door. first off, his father was just busted for screwing & killing his girlfriend (and trying to kill his latest one), but more immediately because it's likely that weavel & his biker buddies beat the crap out of him. i wouldn't be surprised if we see the two of them next to each other in the emergency room at the beginning of next season. i doubt he fell/jumped off the bridge.

so i don't think it was logan at the door (she wouldn't be so smiley if he was all bloodied & beaten), nor do i think it was duncan (his dad just being arrested & all). so my best guess is that it's wallace, who she would be happy to see (and a parallel to his mom going to the hospital to be with papa mars). the long shot option is deputy leo, who could have found out what happened (being a cop & all) & come over despite their having broken up.

your gal was pissed, huh? well, that's the general idea of a cliffhanger - to get you interested in seeing what goes down when the show comes back in the fall.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/13/2005 12:05:00 PM:

I love Veronica Mars, thanks for giving it props.

I think the only person who could logically be at the door would be Wallace, unless sometime offscreen Veronica called Weevil and told him what was going down, therefore stopping his beatdown on Logan. Then, maybe it's Logan. If it's Duncan, well...that's annoying. Duncan bores me.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/13/2005 05:00:00 PM:

I haven't wathced The Wire, but as far as I'm concerned, Veronica Mars is tied with Arrested Development as the best show on TV - so so good.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/13/2005 05:01:00 PM:

Oh and BTW, make sure you put "Spoilers below" on next time - I almost read too far, and I hadn't downloaded the episode yet. Cheers!    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/13/2005 07:14:00 PM:

arrested development is tv's best comedy - no question about that.

re: spoilers, i haven't decided on my exact "policy" on the matter. for now, if the show has already aired on nat'l tv, i feel comfortable writing about it. however, i will consider using spoiler warnings in the future...    

Blogger Robbie @ 5/13/2005 09:39:00 PM:

Well, this definitely sours my feelings toward HBO. They have some quality programming, for sure... but canceling 'Carnivale?' It was by far the most captivating program I've seen in a long while.

I wish that another network would pick it up. I feel as if the story isn't finished.


Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/13/2005 09:42:00 PM:

Of course Carnivàle wasn't finished. Not even close.

BTW: A lot of Veronica Mars fans. Interesting...    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/14/2005 09:50:00 PM:

Everyone should be happy - it looks like arrested development got picked up for two more seasons, enough so that fox can syndicate it.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 5/14/2005 11:11:00 PM:

yeah, i just found that out today as well (thanks to frank chromewaves, but i don't really have time right now to put together a proper post on the subject. maybe for monday. anyway, we'll find out for sure on thursday (fingers crossed)...    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/15/2005 05:39:00 PM:

I would be willing to bet that Veronica Mars fans are more energized than any other fan base at this point in time. See the televisionwithoutpity forums and rankings for each episode for the evidence. Even against quality shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives and Carnivale, the amount of postings in the forums (120+ pages on a single episode!) and the percentage of that enormous amount that is positive for Veronica Mars is unprecedented, except perhaps for Buffy.    

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