from th' small place to a bigger city

First off, we now have a venue for the 5/31 RANA event, and it's the 7th Street Entry, which the guys also played on their only previous visit to Mpls in October 2002. In the adjoining main room the same nite: pro wrestling makes its long awaited return to First Avenue. Yikes. RANA is $8/21+/8pm doors, and the sweaty & possibly well-oiled men are $7 ($5 adv)/18+/8pm doors. According to RANA's tour page, the band will play TWO SETS, starting at approximately 11pm (openers TBA). It's gonna be one late Tuesday nite.

Geez, there's a lot to cover today, and very little time. Ka-blamo or not ka-blamo?

Hey, is there a movie coming out today? Thus far, the reviews are generally favorable. I'll be seeing it tomorrow, since Hipsterfest Midwest is tonite.

I'll be swinging around to pick up JRDN around noon, and then we'll be road-tripping it down to Chicago for tonite's LCD Soundsystem/M.I.A. gig at The Metro, with our good buddy Mouk in tow. Should be a pleasant evening.

MP3 Destroyer - "An Actor's Revenge"
Today's music starts off with an obvious tie-in to the movie I mentioned above. This track is from New Pornographer Dan Bejar's day job, Destroyer. This bombastic, New Porn-esque song from this spring's Notorious Lightning & Other Works EP is markedly different than the the original version on 2004's Your Blues LP, which is defined by its soft horns, hushed vocals & more intimate tone. I approve. I also hope Hayden does a better job than he did the last time, but since Lucas is still writing & directing, I pretty much expecting a rather wooden performance. MP3 courtesy Insound.

MP3 Spoon - "Revenge!"
Staying with the theme, here's a non-LP track from Austin TX's Spoon, off the Creative Commons licensed Wired CD compilation. More Spoon below...

MP3 The Walkmen - "Revenge Wears No Wristwatch"
One last revenge-related tune, this one from NYC's The Walkmen, from their excellent 2002 debut album Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone. Anakin should listen to this one & calm down a little. Okay, a lot.

MP3 The Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner"
Since I'm taking to the road today, I felt it was appropriate to repost this classic lead-off track from The Modern Lovers' 1976 self-titled debut. When I posted it in July 2004, I was making the trek out to NYC with my sister, which may be the last road trip I've been on. It's also the last time I saw RANA, so I'm long overdue for the rawk. Guess what? I'll be talking about RANA a lot for the next couple weeks, so get used to it & come to the show.

MP3 Talking Heads - "Road To Nowhere"
Here's an old 80's classic from Talking Heads, which ties in with Modern Lovers through keyboardist Jerry Harrison. This song was originally on the Little Creatures, but I took it off of the 1992 two-disc "Popular Favorites" compilation, Sand in the Vaseline. Well, we know where we're going...

MP3 Spoon - "Chicago At Night"
Yes, we are headed to Chitown, which has been name-checked in two recent posts to great fanfare. This song closes out 2001's Girls Can Tell, but if you haven't checked out the latest from Britt Daniel & company, the recently released Gimme Fiction, what are you waiting for? Though I think the album ends kinda weakly, those first seven songs are...oh my.

i bongo with my lingo

I'm gonna have to come back to finish this post later (perhaps tomorrow), as I'm running short on time & need to both get my sh** together & get to an interview. But I still want to discuss Arrested Development's renewal, the jam-packed season finale of Gilmore Girls, tonite's finale of ER & Carter's lame send-off, how awesome those new Seinfeld & Scrubs dvd's are, the 3 day class I just took to dominate my troublesome Mac, Jay Good Times Roll's new online music mag Loose Record & much more. So come back tomorrow or this weekend, I may even have some pix from LCD+MIA.

I hate not being able to finish a post. Argh. Crap, I gotta go.

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Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/19/2005 09:44:00 AM:

You know I'm in for a little rawk.


Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/19/2005 03:07:00 PM:

any chance you might want to trade a burned copy of the modern lovers' self-titled debut for something I have...I've been looking for that for a while now, but don't want to pay ridiculous money for it. Drop me a line.


Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/19/2005 08:21:00 PM:

I have The Modern Lovers CD, too. I'm willing to trade....

The "Roadrunner" track is great.

Plus, thanks for the Spoon songs!    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 5/20/2005 12:56:00 PM:

spoon's revenge is cut short. how dare you.    

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