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MP3 Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Walking To Do"
Ain't no big surprise, folks. If you've read this blog at all over the past nine months, there's a good chance you were reading about indie rock superhero Ted Leo, so he gets the last word on The Big Ticket's Mix '04. Ted's Shake The Sheets LP may not end up being my "best" album of the year, but it is my most important, my most played, and possibly my favorite. With its pop-punk hooks, progressive political content & balls-out enthusiasm, Shake The Sheets was simply the right record for 2004, or it was for me.

On November 3rd, TTIKTDA posted this track along with an insightful morning-after outlook on this fall's election that helped me keep my spirits afloat in those first few dreadful days of Dubya's second term. Keith wrote, "If we want to save this country, we've got to save it ourselves." And this song is just the optimistic theme to lead that progressive movement, to reclaim victory and the soul of America. It isn't enough to call Bush an "American Idiot" (even though that might feel comforting). People are going to have to come together if they want a better & more sane country, "quit their waiting on the Divine" & get to work. Personally, I have very little interest in getting involved in politics, but the current regressive state of the nation has demanded my attention more than I had ever expected. For the first time in my short life, I am actually afraid for the future of America.

But Ted Leo & "Walking To Do" give me hope.

So does Air America, and Kos, Atrios, Oveis & all the lefty bloggers. And that gives me a little something to look forward to in 2005 and beyond.

"Walking To Do" isn't the best song on Shake The Sheets, but it is the song I'm choosing to end this year on. If you want to hear more Ted Leo, there are several mp3's available at his website's audio page. For more info, check out the fan community that has sprung up over at Timorous Me. Ted's label Lookout! Records (who recently linked to me) has some new TL/Rx merch available. Ted never made it to my city this year, so if anybody wants to help me make up for my lack of TL/Rx gear, I usually wear a large, btw.

Track 01: The Arcade Fire - "Wake Up"
Track 02: Frou Frou - "Let Go"
Track 03: The Walkmen - "The Rat"
Track 04: Interpol - "C'mere"
Track 05: Franz Ferdinand - "Jacqueline"
Track 06: The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"
Track 07: Junior Boys - "Bellona"
Track 08: Kings of Convenience - "I'd Rather Dance With You"
Track 09: The Go! Team - "Bottle Rocket"
Track 10: Belle & Sebastian - "Your Cover's Blown"
Track 11: TV on the Radio - "The Wrong Way"
Track 12: Metric - "Succexy"
Track 13: The Fiery Furnaces - "Tropical Iceland" (single version)
Track 14: Apostle of Hustle - "Energy of Death"
Track 15: The Mountain Goats - "Palmcorder Yajna"
Track 16: A.C. Newman - "On The Table"
Track 17: Modest Mouse - "Float On"
Track 18: The Hold Steady - "Knuckles"

And thus concludes Mix '04. Does it work as a whole? You tell me. My pal Marc finished the mix artwork yesterday, so just click on the graphics below to download them for yourself (PDF format). I hope they print all right:

honorable mentions etc

Alas, there was only so much room on this mix & loads of great songs just missed the cut. My apologies to (in no particular order): Joy Zipper, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Chromeo, Calexico, Of Montreal, Scissor Sisters, Futureheads, White Magic, LCD Soundsystem, Feist, Sahara Hotnights, Delays, Ratatat, Nellie McKay, U.S.E., Rilo Kiley, Sondre Lerche & many, many others.

I also wish I could have included Norwegian popstress Annie, whose upcoming single "Heartbeat" was already named the top single of 2004 by Pitchfork. Annie's acclaimed debut album Anniemal has yet to receive stateside release, but hopefully that will change sooner than later.

Leave it to Matt @ Fluxblog to be first on the scene posting about Annie, featuring her 1999 track "The Greatest Hit" way back in February. Showing that he's usually three months ahead of the curve, Matt posted "Heartbeat" back in mid-July, long before Stypod did the same in October under the heading "Next Singles." My pick for the mix would have been the "Kylie-times-ten" song "Me Plus One", which Matt posted in September.

No wonder Pitchfork described her sound as "fluxpop."

Stereogum currently has a remix of "Me Plus One" up as part of his year-end top "catorce" that you might want to give a listen to. There is also a free download of a "Heartbeat" remix by original track producers Röyksopp that I haven't seen mentioned before. It doesn't come near the dancefloor bliss of the Anniemal version, but it's probably worth checking out.

Expect the tracks for Mix '04 to come down shortly after the new year, so get them while they're up. I hope people enjoy it. Have a happy holiday!
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| our hopes become a starting pistol »
| what these cryptic symbols mean »
| however it ends, you're good police »
| the anchorperson on tv goes la de da »
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| nothing could beat complete denial »
| patience, understanding, agape babe »

Blogger Jumping Cow @ 12/29/2004 11:12:00 AM:

thank you for the big ticket mix '04! we had a lot of cross-over, but i heard a lot of new stuff here, too (koc, junior boys, etc.)

and the artwork's great, too, although i was digging the cover that looked like your header.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 12/29/2004 01:13:00 PM:

thanks for the comment.

as i noted when i started the mix back on 12/1, there wasn't going to be much that was unexpected or unheard of included, but simply the tracks that impacted me the most in 2004. frankly, i wish it was a little more obscure so that it wouldn't feel like a somewhat derivative collection of songs, but oh well.    

Blogger ivanther @ 1/02/2005 10:24:00 AM:

I'm enjoying it. Thanks very much. My only other thought
is that if you are reviewing the year, why should any tracks be obscure.
Anyway, have a great year.

Blogger mr gilbert @ 1/02/2005 03:29:00 PM:

i know, i know...

i just have an innate tendancy/desire to not be so friggin' obvious.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/06/2005 03:31:00 PM:

Your mixtape would be fine if you took off Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. When making a genuine indie rock mix tape, I think radio music should be avoided. And how did "Float on" make it? A track from The Moon and Antarctica would have been a bit more respectable. I would defintely apologize to Of Montreal, Sondre Lerche and Celixico.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 1/06/2005 03:33:00 PM:

*Calexico, I'm sorry.    

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