the anchorperson on tv goes la de da

Decemberists' frontman Colin Meloy at work in the studio, laying down on the job.

Everyone has to head over to Sweet Blasphemy, who has two tracks from the Decemberists' upcoming Picaresque LP, one of my most anticipated releases for 2005 (due out March 22). Both tracks are great, especially "16 By 32" "Sixteen Military Wives", which I first heard played at the 400 Bar earlier this year IIRC. I can't wait to hear more (heads up via stereogum).

ETA: Sweet Blasphemy has just added another track: "The Sporting Life"

Sweet Blasphemy has graciously taken both posts down at Colin Meloy's request, though one of the tracks is still available from the stereogum link above, or at least it still seems to be for now. That could change soon.
| oh sweet angel-angel-bearded face »
| nothing could beat complete denial »
| patience, understanding, agape babe »
| the deejay is picking up speed »
| let's rock this break-break-break »
| so let your hips do the talking »
| i love her like a champ, till he's back »
| all this time i stayed for you »
| ready let's roll onto something new »

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