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McNulty (Dominic West) & Colvin (Robert Wisdom) hope to be back for season 4.

The Wire's third season finale airs tonite on HBO. I can't friggin' wait.

ETA: My post-finale thoughts, or at least the ones that first come to mind:

- Wow. I thought this episode would do more to set up season four, but instead it wrapped things up like it could be the show's finale (I hope not).

- Bunny really was the fall guy. Big time. The final shot was very sad, IMO.

- McNulty walking a beat reminds me of Santangelo thanking Jimmy earlier this season for getting knocked down to a similar position, and being much happier for it. But how long will Jimmy remain content w/that job? When will that itch for real policework need to get scratched?

- Daniels gets promoted, so will he get the western command Colvin leaves behind, or will that go to Bunny's #2 who assumed control at COMSTAT? Will Daniels leave major case behind, and if so, will Lester take over the unit's command?

- Seeing Marlo in court for Avon's arraignment was an interesting touch. In the end, Marlo respected & even looked up to Avon for going to war as they did. But will Marlo eventually see the same fate?

- Tough to see Poot get snatched up, but as-per-usual Bodie manages to sneak away clean, but now he's got nobody to report to. Will he go work for Marlo? Or will Briana & Slim Charles keep the Barksdale crew together?

- Slim Charles' speech to Avon about going to war on a lie: I wonder what that was in reference to. Hmm...?

- It was nice to Amy Ryan as Bea Russell again, though the folks down at the port need to clean off their bulletin board once & a while. I doubt Frank Sobotka (R.I.P.) is still up for re-election.

- McNulty seems to be cleaning up his act, while Kima is turning into McNulty. After all, he taught her all his adulterous tricks.

- All season seemed to lead up to Carcetti's speech. It got Watkins' respect, but was it for real? Or was it just a bunch of hot air, a meaningless stab at reform, one of this season's major themes?

- If season four happens, it will probably be an entirely new case like season two was, except this time without the added distraction of having to track the all previous season's characters (the Barksdales etc) at the same time.

- The shot of all the crushed beer cans on the roof of the western: priceless.

Great stuff. For those who are interested, executive producer & series creator David Simon has answered a whole series of questions submitted by fans on the HBO message boards recently in this year's Ask The Wire.

Negro Please also weighs in with eloquent thoughts on the final episode.
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Blogger Jim H @ 12/19/2004 11:21:00 AM:

I'd like to see Bunny come back but I think his character is going off for a loooong retirement. But who knows, maybe he'll get his next job as a security guy and become part of the show. I'm looking forward to the 4th season where the bad guys start using crackberries and blogs to send messages! Yeah, I'm looking forward to the finale, too.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 12/19/2004 11:27:00 AM:

I dunno what's going to happen to Bunny. Will he merely be a fall guy & disappear into his security job (which doesn't seem all that appealing to him), or will he figure in wil Carcetti's candidacy? In the promo for this week, I thought I saw Bunny shaking hands w/Marla Daniels at a tv press conference, perhaps Carcetti's announcement that he's running for mayor? Carcetti needed some black allies to challenge the mayor, and Marla & Bunny might just be them. There are a lot of possibilities for season four, assuming the show gets renewed again (I hope I hope I hope).    

Blogger Jim H @ 12/19/2004 02:31:00 PM:

The only way Carcetti is going to play this in a way favorable to Bunny is if the Mayor does a crackdown and even then such a move is politically risky. Nope. I think Carcetti will do the political thing and use this against the mayor to further split the black vote. Interestingly enough the former mayor of Baltimore brought up drug legalization. The current mayor of Baltimore is white - not that the two are related but it is an interesting parallel.

No Amsterdam is a stick of dynamite waiting to go off in the mayor's face -- much like the poorly executed implosion of the towers in the first episode. Everyone who was at that opening scene will end up with dust on their faces in the final scene. I don't remember Carcetti being there.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 12/19/2004 04:09:00 PM:

I don't know what is gonna happen, but I can't wait to find out.

Perhaps I'll have more thoughts later, after the show...    

Blogger Jim H @ 12/19/2004 09:19:00 PM:

Looking forward to your thoughts.

The montage song at the end (Jimmy McNutty smiling and not drunk AND in on the beat...) is "Fast Train" by Van Morrison - the Solomon Burke version is pretty good, too. Available on iTunes.

Great episode but I was right - Bunny was toast - didn't even get the Hopkins job. Here's hopin' the next season will do in Burrell and his toady. Looks like Marlo is on the rise again.

What was your interpretation of the last scene with Omar? Did he have to kill his boy?    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 12/19/2004 09:42:00 PM:

i don't know if omar ended up killing his boy. tough call. the only other thing we saw was him tossing the guns out by the port, so i'm not sure what to think.

good question, though. i almost forgot about that.

i wasn't that suprised that bunny lost the hopkins job. he walked around like he was untouchable with his 30 years, but he should have known that he couldn't get away clean. especially with a vindictive f**ker like burrell.

oh yeah, and it was cedric with his wife at the press conference, not colvin as i thought. and no, i don't think they all look alike. sheesh.    

Blogger Jim H @ 12/20/2004 04:31:00 PM:

Yeah, on second thought I don't think Omar would do that - kill his boy -- especially after it looks like the kid took a world of hurt before he broke - besides his crew is already hurting. Brother Ouzon's cryptic comment when they parted must have been about getting rid of the evidence.

I look forward to season 4 as I think there is more story to be told and still some hanging ends - Prez's problem, Rawls' little secret, Carver potentially stepping up to be "good police", Kibo's marital problems - and there probably still something to be done with Stringer's legacy and the corrupt State Senator (something very much true to form for Maryland politics).

final comment: Dominic West and Robert Wisdom ought to be up for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in a drama if there's any justice in the world.    

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