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MP3 Ten Years After - "I'd Love To Change The World"
Yesterday I was over at Casa de Punk, who identified the rockin' song at the end of the Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer as this track by 60's psych-rockers Ten Years After, which can be found on the A Space in Time LP. It's great hippie, "what's wrong with our country" stuff, with a searing guitar solo that works really well with the quick-cutting visuals from Michael Moore's new documentary, in the theaters shortly. I'm looking forward to it.

MP3 Wilco - "Kicking Television"
Last summer, Wilco played "Kicking Television" during one of the encores @ Rock The Garden 2003 at Mpls' Walker Art Center (currently under expansion), and I recall it rocking myself & the garden quite effectively. So when I saw that the track was absent from the band's upcoming A Ghost is Born, I was a bit miffed. Despite Amazon's alluring offer to stream the track after pre-ordering online, I decided to "seek" out & "acquire" the track for myself. The recorded version isn't quite as good as I remembered, but I'm happy to hear it nonetheless. A Ghost is Born comes out a week from today.
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Blogger "We will do and then we will obey" @ 6/15/2004 10:30:00 AM:

They played this at the Vic on Saturday night. I actually thought it was a cover when I first heard it (maybe another stooges track) but it was definately a great track to rock out to.    

Blogger caley @ 6/16/2004 11:52:00 PM:

I'm generally pretty okay with most anything Michael Moore does, but this time I am disagreeing with him. The story is he is trying to put pressure on the MPAA for a PG-13 rating, rather than R. But, apparently there are scenes of soldiers burned by napalm, a dead baby being tossed into a truck, and a man being beheaded. Sounds like R material to me. No reason for a pg. That said, I will still probably see it.    

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