yahoo! responds to the gmail threat

Perhaps as a result to Google throwing down the 1GB gauntlet in regard to storage space for their Gmail service, Yahoo! Mail has upgraded to allow for 100mb of storage (up from 4mb) & 10mb messages (up from 3mb). Since my Yahoo! account was at 95% (and I had 6mb because my address is so old), this should allow me to hold onto that account for a while longer. However, I am still liking my Gmail account & it's "conversational" format, not to mention it has ten times the storage. I can't wait for it to get out of beta-testing so it will work a little more seamlessly w/my Safari. Still, it's nice to see Yahoo! make a little effort.

If anybody is still using a Hotmail account, give it up already.
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Blogger aaron @ 6/15/2004 02:44:00 PM:

not to mention if you pay for yahoo plus mail ($19/yr) - you get 2 gigs of storage...    

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