"i think that's bullsh** & i hate that"

In case you missed it, right wing hack & Jon Stewart's "Douchebag of Liberty" Robert Novak was suspended by CNN after swearing on-air & walking out of an interview. Notifed ahead of time that he would be asked about his role in Plamegate, Novak lost his cool during a rather banal back & forth with James Carville, blurting out, "Well, I think that's bullshit & I hate that. Just let it go." Novak then pushed his chair away from the table, stood up, took off his microphone & left the studio, leaving Carville to finish chatting with moderator Ed Henry. Novak was suspended shortly thereafter & CNN apologized for his potty mouth. Media Matters has a transcript and video, as does Crooks & Liars, who does a nice job of summing up the various responses to the slip-up from the lefty (reality-based) blogosphere. Novak's flip-out happened in the early afternoon, allowing The Daily Show to offer its take on it during last nite's show. Stewart recreates his response:

ETA: Crooks & Liars also have video of said Daily Show segment.

MP3 Atmosphere - "F**k The Bullsh**"
The only song in my damaged iTunes library with bullsh** in the title is this track by local Mpls hip-hop act Atmosphere, off this past winter's 2CD re-issue of Headshots: Se7en. To commomorate the album's re-release back in early January, Atmosphere played seven eight consecutive nites at First Avenue's smaller side venue, the 7th Street Entry. The week-plus run, which sold out so fast they added an additional show, featured a variety of local artists supporting & backing up MC Slug. I didn't even make it to one.

As I mentioned Wednesday, today's edition of Air America's Morning Sedition was broadcasting from the grimy confines of CBGB's. Well, I woke up way too early today (after already turning in late), so I turned on the stream to hear what all was going on. Guests included club owner Hilly Kristal, comedian Jim Gaffigan, songwriter/producer Jean Beauvoir & (holy crap) punk legend Richard Hell, with musical accompaniment from NYC (by way of Madison, WI) pop-rockers Locksley. I kinda tuned out when I started writing up this post, so perhaps I'll check out the podcast again sometime later.

MP3 Lifter Puller - "Kool NYC"
I wanted to post a song about NYC to go along with the CBGB thing, so I picked this short-but-sweet rocker from Mpls' now defunct Lifter Puller, former band of Brooklyn-based Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn. I like how this track starts off all full of energy with a great hook, but then slows down to a more anthemic pace for Finn's brief & simple verse about "New York City cool," as it sorta reminds me of all the various speed life seems to move at in NYC. Ah, nostalgia. I took "Kool NYC" from the 2002 singles collection Soft Rock, but originally appeared on 1997's Half Dead & Dynamite LP.

ETA: Dah, I totally forgot why I started this post. Here's some Richard Hell:

MP3 Richard Hell & The Voidoids - "Who Says?"
From the 1977 album Blank Generation. Check out the new compilation Spurts: The Best of Richard Hell, which includes a verson of the song "Blank Generation" performed at CBGB's by Hell's onetime band Television.

In other Air America happenings, actor/comedian/toublemaker David Cross is guest co-hosting tonite's Majority Report. Absent all this week was Janeane, who is out in LA until August 13th shooting some guest spots for the seventh (and likely last) season of The West Wing. She'll be portraying a campaign consultant for democrat Jimmy Smits, and I think she will do quite well playing off of longtime castmember Brad Whitford come this fall.

FYI: Cross was on the final two hours, starting at 38:41 on the podcast.

BTW: It is truly beautiful outside today. Go treat yourself to a smoothie.
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