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RANA bassist Andrew Southern segways through Christo & Jeanne-Claude's Gates.

It's RANA cover Friday, courtesy of Archive.org (via Tyler Penn):

MP3 RANA - "Livin' Was Easy" (The Glands)
MP3 RANA - "Girl U Want" (Devo)
MP3 RANA - "Rita Mae" (Bob Dylan)
MP3 RANA - "Birthday Boy" (Ween)
MP3 RANA - "We Will Not Be Lovers" (The Waterboys)

Recorded live at Tribeca Rock Club NYC on April 21, 2004.

RANA plays NYC tonite at the brand new Ace of Clubs, located at Great Jones & Lafayette. Two sets of oh-my-god-we-just-got-back-from-touring-rawk beginning at 10:30pm, with Heth (9pm) & Bionic Twitch (8pm).

From the horse's patoot: "ranaROCK returns to home nyc with a biff bang boom. check out how we been treated, screws tightened up, on this tour de force [...] bring some friends, get yr drink on, we'll burn yr ears."

Also, be sure to welcome RANA pals Sam Champion, fresh off SXSW, back to NYC next Tuesday (3/29) with their 9pm gig at the Mercury Lounge.

ETA: No, James Murphy. After last nite's episode of The O.C., you're the "irresponsible, selfish whore!" Nah, I'm just kidding around with ya.

Also, Sri Lankan writer Samantha Edussuriya goes back & forth debating herself about M.I.A. in the latest City Pages (via). The Mpls-based City Pages has gone all Village Voice this week with count 'em three M.I.A. articles.
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