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MP3 Kings of Convenience - "Misread"
MP3 Kings of Convenience (f/Feist) - "Know How"

Hello, all. I hope people had a nice holiday weekend. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of the last several days half-way flipping out. Ugh. Anyway, as I mentioned in my christmas day post, I've been listening to a lot of Kings of Convenience lately as I try to get my head together, in particular these two lovely songs. Respectively, they are the first & third singles from this year's Riot on an Empty Street LP, and "Know How" features one of the album's two blissful guest spots by Leslie Feist (of Broken Social Scene).

FYI: Sean @ STG wrote about Feist's other KoC appearance back in June.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be bogged down with a project that I frankly haven't done enough work on thus far, so this blog may be kinda quiet for a little while. After posting on almost a daily basis this month (far more than usual) while compiling Mix '04, I'm also sorta blogged out. Besides, do you need yet another blogger's year-end "top ten" list?

Then again, I might chime in more often than I think. I'll see how it goes...
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