a turkey-lurkey-do

A belated-Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

This blog as been dead quiet for the last week, as things have gotten awfully busy all of a sudden as various projects have dropped out of the sky & are now in the works. While next week promises to be even busier, but I'm pretty sure that I've got some stuff to write about & should be able to find enough time do so. So no worries, people.

I had a lovely & ginormous Thanksgiving dinner last nite over at my cousins Steve & Jen's, with LA fam & many many others in attendance. I somehow managed not to completely stuff myself, but all the tryptophan in the tur-duck-en (that's a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a...you get the picture) knocked me out of comission for about 15 hours. Yawn.

Despite having far too much music that needs listening to at the moment, my cd player has been dominated over the past week by DFA Records' Compilation #2 (especially the third "mix" disc) & The Arcade Fire's Funeral (often on repeat). I'm gonna see the Arcade Fire tomorrow nite @ the 400 Bar here in Mpls, and to say that I'm looking forward to it would be a vast understatement. I'll do my best to find a good spot to snap some pix.

Keep enjoying the holiday weekend, & don't shop too much...
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