nyc's walkmen visit the left coast

Emo-friendly Seth Cohen will come face-to-face w/the fury of Hamilton Leithauser.

According to Fox's website (and this handy-dandy e-card), NYC "garage"-rockers The Walkmen will be appearing on this week's episode of The O.C.. Apparently Seth takes a job at a local all-ages music venue called "The Bait Shop" that will come to feature many other like-minded/show-friendly acts, such as The Killers (who appear on the December 2 episode). The Walkmen, whose Bows + Arrows LP has to be in the running for my album of the year, will also be appearing next week on Letterman (11/22). Tune in.
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Blogger mr gilbert @ 11/18/2004 07:05:00 PM:

the episode begins w/Carl Newman's "On The Table" - very nice.    

Blogger JRDN @ 11/18/2004 11:47:00 PM:

Whatever OC, you aint got nothin on "The Valley"    

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