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Soiled paper tells a story: a Trail of Dead setlist, before and after the show.

I've been meaning to post these digital pix from the ear-shredding ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead show that I went to at the Triple Rock on Mischief Nite (aka 10/30/04) for a while now, so today's a good a day as any to do so. I caught a Ben Kweller/Unicorns double-bill over at the f**king Quest earlier that same evening, but this was truly the main event.

MP3 ...The Trail of Dead - "Will You Smile Again"
I forgot to bring my earplugs - big mistake. As soon as the Trail of Dead launched into this sprawling opener, the second track from the Austin TX band's forthcoming Worlds Apart LP (due out in January), I knew my hearing was in for an all-out rawk assault for the next hour plus. My ears are sore just thinking about it. This was my first time seeing these guys, & I was only mildly surprised to learn that they carry two drummers, which you might guess by the thundering beats that open this song.

MP3 ...The Trail of Dead - "And The Rest Will Follow"
The band played a decent amount of new material during their Triple Rock gig, including this particularly anthemic & memorable tune (also off Worlds Apart). They also played plenty of stuff off of their older albums like 1999's Madonna & 2002's Source Tags & Codes, which garnered the ever-elusive Pitchfork 10.0 rating. All in all, it was kick ass (and very loud) show that impressed the heck out of me. I'm bringing my ear plugs next time.

BTW: One last bit of wisdom that I took from that Mischief Nite - pirates make for a great group costume. Have a solid weekend, people. ARGH!
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i'm a dork.

i typed in the wrong name for the trail of dead album...twice.

fixing it...    

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