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The Arcade Fire blows up the Merc during last month's CMJ (via stereogum).

I have nothing new to offer today, or at least nothing you couldn't have already read in several other places. Look! Here are two outstanding tracks from "it" canucks The Arcade Fire, from their debut LP Funeral that has been getting such rave reviews of late. There are Arcade Fire tracks & blogposts all over the place (just have a look around), though Said The Gramophone may have been the first to write about them way back when.

MP3 The Arcade Fire - "Wake Up"
MP3 The Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)"

So why am I adding to the already deafening (well, maybe not that loud) echo-chamber? Frankly, I was barely able to get out of bed for most of the weekend, and Funeral was in my cd player on repeat for most of the time, encouraging me to finally "wake up" & learn to "adjust!" You can stream a few more tracks over @ Merge Records, but you might as well buy the disc.

My overwhelming urge to do next-to-nothing at least provided for some interesting television on Saturday nite, as I was able to watch several films about both rock & politics. Thanks to IFC, I finally got to see Soldiers Pay, the powerful documentary short from director David O. Russell about the current Iraq war, which also details an incident somewhat similar to the scenario of his 1999 film Three Kings. Depressing, yet informative. Next up on IFC was The Filth & The Fury, the documentary about the Sex Pistols from a few years back. After that, I caught the season finale of Bill Maher's show on HBO, which did its best to deal with the post-election fallout.

I then switched over to Sundance Channel, where I caught the last two thirds of Bush's Brain, a documentary on republican strategist Karl Rove based on the book of the same name (also check out the film's website), which only proved to be even more depressing. Luckily, Sundance followed that up with DIG!, a documentary focusing on the the rivalry between indie rock bands The Dandy Warhols & The Brian Jonestown Massacre that has already been commented upon plenty elsewhere. I think the film should still be in theaters (check the film's website), but Sundance will be airing it again this Tuesday (11/9) @ 8pm ET. And for those of you who are interested, you can download the entire BJM catalog online. Oh Anton, you so crazy!

Both Kos & Frank Chromewaves have posted about Bloom County scribe Berkeley Breathed in the last couple of weeks, & I've been meaning to mention him as well ever since. And now I have. Whoopee, I feel special.

Apparently, I've got a case of the Mondays. My apologies for the snarkiness.
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