how 'bout my local news (who knew)

Channel 5 broke this story? I may need to start watching local news again.

Holy crap. My local ABC affiliate in Mpls has blown apart the right-wing "I didn't do it" response to the al Qaqaa explosives scandal. As I first heard mentioned on today's Morning Sedition, KSTP reporters embedded in Iraq were shown the al Qaqaa complex in mid-April 2003, and the explosives were still there. And they were left unsecured. And there's video footage.

The White House (and Drudge) has been spinning the "they were already gone" theory for the last couple of days, but now that isn't going to fly. Of course, Kos, Atrios & Josh Marshall are running with the latest development in this story, which so clearly defines the Bushies' incompetence during this whole Iraq debacle. Will they ever take responsibility for anything?

This is dominating the news in the final week of the campaign - and it's not going away. So, how is Bush going to excuse his way out of this one?

Oh yeah, & "America's mayor" Giuliani is blaming the troops (via Atrios).

ETA: I guess this story may actually go away. Can you believe this sh**?

Shouldn't this guy already be dead, not making new videos? (10.29.04)
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 10/29/2004 12:27:00 PM:

I thought we were supposed to support our troops...    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 10/29/2004 12:31:00 PM:

i think the "mayor" managed to go a little off-message...oops!    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 10/29/2004 09:34:00 PM:

support our troops != blindly following    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 10/31/2004 11:13:00 PM:

Check out this nader flash:    

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