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MP3 Pavement - "All My Friends"
Today brings the long-awaited (by me anyway) release of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins, the double-disc expanded re-issue of the classic 1994 sophomore album by indie rock's favorite non-stars, Pavement. I absolutely adored this album back in my teens, as I vividly recall listening to it while riding my bike to driver's ed (and yes, I know I shouldn't have been riding w/my headphones on), and it always reminds me of suburban summers. This is the first track on the bonus disc, and comes from the initial CRCR sessions from 1993 with original Pavement drummer Gary Young. Pitchfork gives the whole package a 10, and I would have to agree.

MP3 Pavement - "Here" (Peel Session Summer 1992)
As everybody & their blogger sister has already reported today, legendary UK DJ John Peel has died of a sudden heart attack. BBC News already has an obituary up (via SVC) for those in mourning. This rocked-out version of "Here" comes from a Peel session with Pavement, and appears on the band's 2002's expanded re-issue of Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe, which Pitchfork also gave a 10 btw. Both of today's tracks are courtesy of Matador. And Mr. Peel, you'll be sorely missed - much respect, y'all.

eminem gets out the vote, yo

MOV Eminem - "Mosh" video (46.6mb)

Majority Report & Daily Kos pointed me to a highly political music video from Eminem for his song "Mosh" (from his forthcoming Encore LP, coming out a little bit late on November 16). The animated video, which takes on Bush & strongly encourages getting out to vote, can be downloaded directly through or the above link, or you can watch it online here or here. You can read through the song's "f**k Bush" lyrics via Song Meanings. The video for Em's first single "Just Lose It" is currently in rotation on the MTV, but it would be nice to get this one on the air before the election. You can help out by casting a write-in vote to get it on MTV's TRL or Direct Effect.

Em will be this week's musical guest on SNL, with host Kate Winslet.

ETA: Pitchfork profiles "Mosh" in Wednesday's We Are The World.
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