there is a fire in me, a fire that burns

I bet the archduke will even be at the Fine Line tonite. Darn.

MP3 Franz Ferdinand - "This Fire"
So tonite's Franz Ferdinand show @ the Fine Line, which I had really been looking forward to, is sold-out. Guess who didn't bother to procure himself an advance ticket? I honestly didn't think that the Glasgow indie-rockers had crossed-over enough to sell out their first gig (I think) in Mpls, but perhaps I shouldn't have underestimated the drawing power of actual quality music. Shocking, no? JRDN & I may go w/plan B & catch Dillinger 4 @ Triple Rock instead, but I am still pretty disappointed. Urgh. I'm almost mad enough to burn this city, burn this city...

MP3 Feist - "One Evening"
Yesterday, my long-awaited copy of Leslie Feist's new solo album Let It Die finally showed up at my door (courtesy Arts & Crafts). Some of you may have already heard the Broken Social Scene vocalist's excellent "Mushaboom", which was blogged by somebody a while back & got me excited about this disc. "One Evening" is apparently one of the album's singles, which makes me wonder what audience Leslie is targeting here. This is by no means my favorite track on Let It Die (which I've only listened to once or twice), but I keep coming back to it. It sounds like 70's soft rock. It really, really does. I can't tell if there's any tongue-in-cheek going on here, but there's something cheesy going on in Denmark, and I can't tell whether or not I actually like it yet. So confusing.
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Blogger Frank @ 6/11/2004 01:09:00 PM:

funny, I just sold my ticket to the Franz Ferdinand show on Monday (saw em in February) and bought one for Feist tomorrow night.    

Blogger modernmod @ 6/11/2004 03:03:00 PM:

Franz Ferdinand in toronto got moved from the Phoenix to the Larger koolhaus (3000 capacity) and it sold out. I got my ticket!
Feist is also playing the club I DJ @, The Mod Club Theatre ( tomorrow night. We've also got Keane, The Delays, The Fiery Furnace and The Streets coming up.    

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