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Electric Fetus is having a 20% off sale. Ah, new music.

MP3 !!! - "Sunday 5:17am"
The first batch of !!!'s new album Louden Up Now are coming with a bonus EP, featuring three remixes & this non-LP track, which is a little more funk-oriented than much of the more house-driven material on the main disc. The cool, more downtempo shuffle that drives "Sunday 5:17am" is very groovy, and I like the heavy use of angry-sounding horns & weird sounds at various points. I could've used more cowbell, but then I can never get enough cowbell. !!! will be @ the Triple Rock in a few weeks (see "mpls shows"), and I look foward to gettin' down.

MP3 A.C. Newman - "35 in the Shade"
New Pornographers frontman & chief songwriter Carl Newman's new solo disc The Slow Wonder is getting some rave reviews, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon by featuring the album's close-out track. For all the obvious reasons, the new record sounds a lot like New Porn's brand of indie power-pop. But that is by no means a bad thing. I need to give The Slow Wonder a lot more listening time, but it should more than fill the void while I wait for Carl to gather his Canadian supergroup back together again to create yet another pop masterpiece.
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Blogger Alan Williamson @ 6/10/2004 01:47:00 PM:

I love the Newman song - opening with the galloping drum to be joined by piano and swelling strings. Great pop song.
check out my new music blog at www.sixeyes.blogspot.com    

Blogger el blair @ 6/11/2004 08:54:00 AM:

quickie: is that !!! song supposed to be played at 45rpm? i've never heard it before, so i don't know, but if it came off a 12" EP from touch & go, they're usually 45s... it just sounds strange so i'm wonderin    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 6/11/2004 04:18:00 PM:

Do you think there was a mistake in the transfer to cd? I think it sounds strange on purpose, and I like it.    

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