god bless AAA plus

Wow, it took me way too long to get this post up.

I'm still recovering from the weekend, which tuckered me out more than usual. Friday nite was spent celebrating my father's 60's b-day @ the very good, very posh Cosmos restaurant, in Block E's Le Meridien hotel downtown. It was good, yummy times. Following a tasty brown sugar spice cake, I dropped by the final moments of Rachel's graduation party, where further deserts were foisted upon me. I was helpless to defend myself. We capped off the evening by playing the home version of Pimp My Ride, causing Rachel to cry tears of joy. You would cry too, if it happened to you.

Saturday nite began w/a mostly civil game nite over @ Roni & Mike's, after which I headed down to JRDN's for drinks & revelry. After several hours of nostalgic hilarity, I wasn't pleased to find my passenger-side tires had been slashed, preventing me returning home to the comfort of my own bed. Urgh. The kind folks over @ AAA were nice enough to tow my vehicle closer to home, and JRDN & Joe extended their hospitality & let me crash on their couch. Thanks again guys, and thanks again AAA.

Unfortunately, my lousy sleep habits prevented me from getting much rest, which made Sunday a bit exhaustive to get through. Evan came by in the morning to do a photo shoot, which was my first time on any set in quite some time. The shoot went until mid-afternoon, which made us a little late in getting to the Grand Old Day street fair/festival in St. Paul. We missed local-fave Mark Mallman entirely, but managed to catch a good deal of a fairly sloppy/drunken set by Guided By Voices. I had never seen GBV before, and this was probably my last opportunity since Robert Pollard is laying the band to rest shortly. The rock was decent enough, but the soundman may have been more hungover than the band seemed. A really terrible mix, imo. Still, it was a beautiful day & it was fun to be outside. JRDN partook (is that a word?) in some cheese curds, which I tasted despite my better judgement. After finally getting home, I remained conscious long enough (barely) to catch the AD season finale, after which I collapsed at an unusually early hour.

I get my car back tomorrow. Woo hoo.
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Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 6/08/2004 09:29:00 PM:

If it makes you feel any better love, a large piece of rubber jumped out of nowhere, throwing itself in front of my car, and messed up my front spoiler and fog lights. Now my cracked front matches the crack in the back where in the middle of a snow storm I backed into a light pole in a parking lot. Luckily I need not wait for AAA. Saddly though, I will be saving for the eventual payment a $500 deductible. Fun stuff, huh?    

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