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MP3 Sprites - "I Started a Blog That Nobody Read"
Here's a funny-yet-kinda-sad song about (generic) blogs gone unread from indie Brit-poppers Sprites, previously featured by The Catbirdseat (included in their August mix), Stereogum & CYSTSFTS. From the 2006 full-length Modern Gameplay, which I picked up from Darla recently.

In just a matter of hours, I will be off to the airport & on to Texas, traveling down south with the fam to attend my cousin Becky's wedding this weekend. But first, a few random notes & links on the state of this blog etc...

In case you hadn't noticed, I finally updated my local showlist & made it a wee bit interactive with the help of Eventful, which allows comments, pix, links etc on each show page & more. If you like, feel free to join "The Big Ticket" group to keep tabs on upcoming (or past) Mpls shows a bit more directly. I also updated the blogroll some, particularly the MP3 blog section - which seems to always be expanding. There are so many music bloggers out there doing such great work right now, it's easy to see how I've had trouble staying on top of the latest hotness, let alone find the time to provide quality content myself.

In anticipation of eventually (perhaps) dumping my .Mac account (which I've been pondering ever since they started cracking down on bandwidth a few months ago), I've changed the primary contact e-mail for this blog (listed in the sidebar) to, which should match up nicely with the URL I'm planning to shift to onceI eventually make the jump to Blogger Beta. FWIW, the .mac address is still active & should be for a while.





I snapped the above pix a few recent local shows (more @ my Flickr via clicky).

MP3 Annie - "The Wedding (Lindstrom remix)"
I'm pretty much bolting out the door, so let me leave you with this hand-clappy Lindstrom remix track in honor of my cousin Becky's upcoming nuptuals. From Swedish popstress Annie's DJ-Kicks EP, available via iTunes. Toodles.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 10/20/2006 12:19:00 PM:

updated sidebar looks tight!

i'm in the process of redoing ours as well    

Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 10/29/2006 04:56:00 PM:

hey there jlg, the "r.i.p." by my name is slightly creepy as I'm not dead - only in grad school :0) Seeing that I work for a Republican administration and am getting an MBA - maybe now I am dead to you? (jk)

Anyway, the Daily Show is filming from campus this week. I get to vote in my new boss and I get to boot out a neocon next week. And, I've changed my major from Investment Banking to Strategy (not Strategery) - so I'm still an arrogant liberal elistist.

Miss you,
adm xoxo

P.S. My new cell with your new MN digits met with an unfortunate accident at a margarita bar this summer during a tornado warning. I swiftly received a new phone, but give me a call or send me an email with your MN number.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 10/30/2006 01:43:00 AM:

angie (aka mitchell, is "crumrine" your new last name?) -

gimme a little credit for at least some humanity...

actually labeling a link "R.I.P." suggests a dead site, not an actual dead person!!! ay carumba. perhaps i need to change that tag to "retired" or something.

"strategy" is a major?

digits headed your way shortly, via the email...    

Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 11/05/2006 03:19:00 PM:

I just like picking you :0) You can leave my RIP - it puts me in the same league as Arrested Development and News Radio.

Yes, strategy is a major. Basically, as a strategy consultant, people just ask you and pay for your opinion - and I have many to go around.

No, Crumrine is not my new last name (though it is my husband's) as I have been to lazy to change it. Plus, Mitchell, just has a better ring to it.

I'll send you and email will a proper update.    

Blogger Tage @ 3/01/2007 07:29:00 AM:

Nah, Annie is actually Norwegian bro. Big difference! :)    

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