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MP3 The Concretes - "You Can't Hurry Love"
About a month ago, I posted the song "Seems Fine" by the Swedish band The Concretes, which appeared on that month's Heavy compilation. Well, it's also the band's self-titled LP, which also sports this upbeat track - which is not (as Pitchfork noted) a cover of the Supremes' classic, though The Concretes also features a song entitled "Diana Ross". While much of the rest of the album is a little more Mazzy Star-sounding, this track & "Seems Fine" shows that the band can also be effectively poppy & concise. The Concretes' website also hosts a nifty animated video for this track:
MOV (12.5mb)

MP3 Apostle of Hustle - "Kings & Queens"
Once again, I am retreading where I have already been, as I also posted two Apostle of Hustle tracks last month. But alas, their debut album Folkloric Feel is so fantastic that I can't help myself. I almost included "Kings & Queens" in my post back then, so it's a pleasure to be able to offer it now. Frontman Andrew Whiteman gets plenty of help from his Broken Social Scene bandmates here, including a vocal contribution from the lovely Leslie Feist. And I love the breakdown beat that comes in from out of nowhere towards the end of the song. Brilliant! (damn that infectious Guinness ad)

baseball playoffs killing my nerves

Leading 6-5 going into the bottom of the 12th inning last nite, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire had the evil empire on the ropes, threatening to send the divisional series back to Mpls up two games to none. Apparently having little faith in reliever J.C. Romero, Gardenhire decided instead to send all-star closer Joe Nathan back on to the field - for his third inning of work. Big mistake, Gardy. Two walks, a big A Rod double & a sacrifice fly later, the Twins had lost their edge and the game, 7-6. Game three will be at the Metrodome on Friday, and I'll be going to game four w/my pops on Saturday. This sh** ain't over, people - not by a long shot.

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Blogger "We will do and then we will obey" @ 10/07/2004 04:33:00 PM:

They should have take Nathan out after he walked the #9 hitter. So close!!    

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