whoa doc, this is heavy

MP3 Murs - "Bad Man"
I'll join the chorus of mp3 bloggers pimping for the monthly Heavy.com Sumosonic compilation series. For $3.33/month (shipping), you get a new cd that mixes very cool rock, hip-hop, & electronic music & arrives in a very slickly-designed dvd-style snapcase. The production value is solid, and the comps feature a lot of great new artists. This track by rapper Murs appears on the latest Sumosonic disc, as well as the acclaimed 3:16 LP. Big thanks to (Radio K vet) Matt over @ Heavy for turning me onto this program.

MP3 The Unicorns - "Emasculate The Masculine"
From the Unicorns: 2014 cd single, here's another excellent indie pop/rock track from The Unicorns. Despite what Pitchfork says, I really like this little disc; I think they expected more than they should have (it's only four songs, guys - it's not an EP). Anyway, this is the most fun song I've ever heard that has anything to do w/threatening someone's genitalia. Enjoy.
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Blogger aaron @ 5/25/2004 12:12:00 PM:

Love the Murs track. Great production, hilarious lyrics. Nice post.    

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