jeneane garofalo on the 50's: "poodle skirts & segregation"

In observance of April Fools Day, there won't be any new mp3's today from your truly today. However, here are a few links to some indie-related videos that you're doubtful to find on MTV, M2, or VH1 (maybe on Much Music):

WMV Scissor Sisters - "Take Your Mama" hi-res lo-res
Scissor Sisters take glam down to the farm & your mother out on the town.

WMV Modest Mouse - "Float On" hi-res lo-res
I don't know how to describe this new Modest Mouse video, except to say that it kicks ass.

WMV Sondre Lerche - "Two Way Monologue" hi-res lo-res
Sondre faces off against his alter-ego in a battle to see "who's the best entertainer in town."

MOV The Thermals - "No Culture Icons" hi-res lo-res
The Thermals politely discuss ideas for their next music video. I love chick bass players, btw.

as i mentioned yesterday...

MOV Garden State teaser trailer (6.9 mb)

how cool does this sound?

From Garth Franklin's Dark Horizons (via Variety):
Variety reports that the novel "A Scanner Darkly" by Philip K. Dick ("Minority Report", "Blade Runner") is finally going ahead. School of Rock director Richard Linklater is in negotiations to helm the feature which will star Keanu Reeves and be produced by the Clooney/Soderbergh production company Section 8.

Warner Independent Pictures will distribute the project which like Linklater's Waking Life will be shot live-action and then animated over. Linklater did the most recent draft of the script which follows undercover agents who change their faces along with their identities. Reeves plays one such officer, and his liberal ingestion of the drug Substance D causes him to develop a split personality.

I read that book during a drug literature course @ NYU back in summer 1999. I'm pretty psyched, despite even Keanu's participation. I assume (& hope) that Linklater will be working w/animator Bon Sabiston again for what should be one trip of a movie. Look for it in 2005.
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