just rock 'n' roll, every night

(L to R) Ryan, Scott, Howard, Andrew, & Matt
backstage @ Dean campaign fundraiser, 8/26/03
Irving Plaza, New York City (photo: Pavel Antonov)

They're RANA, and they're from New Jersey. Now residing in Brooklyn NYC, Mr's Thornton (drums), Metzger (guitar), Southern (bass), & Durant (keys) make up my very favorite rock band. I cannot recommend them enough, and I must insist that anybody who's interested get out to see them perform live asap (or as soon as there are new tourdates listed). They are talented up the wazoo, and it doesn't hurt that they're great guys taboot. So this is my first blogged plea to the public @ large: check these f**kers out!!

Thanks to the Mr Ramie Rockslide, I've finally gotten my hands on the live recording of RANA's latest event, a two set rawkfest from NYC's Tribeca Rock Club on 3/20/04. Here are a few songs from this already much ballyhooed show:

MP3 RANA - "Phillippe Petit"
MP3 RANA - "Do You Ever Feel Ashamed"
MP3 RANA - "Bloodshed"
MP3 RANA - "Carson Daly"
MP3 RANA - "Charm Bracelet"
MP3 RANA - "Buy Sell or Break"

Notes: "Bloodshed" was played in conjunction w/the one year anniversary of the Iraq invasion. "Charm Bracelet" is a new song, and this version is the first I've heard. "Buy Sell or Break" included Noah Chernin (former RANA road manager) of Sam Champion, who opened the show, on tambourine.

Here are some additional free downloads, from the official RANA website:

from Here in the USA (2001):
MP3 RANA - "Good Book"
MP3 RANA - "Carbombed Again"

from The Athens Sessions, produced by Bill Berry (summer 2003)
MP3 RANA - "Not So Mopso"
MP3 RANA - "Remember My Address"
MP3 RANA - "The Day She Went Away"

from the live album Subject To Change (recorded 11/3/03)
MP3 RANA - "My One Dear Son" >
MP3 RANA - "We Will Not Be Lovers" (Waterboys cover)
MP3 RANA - "Some Kind of Girl"

I made the trek out to NYC this past New Year's to ring in 2004 w/these 4 fine sons of Jersey, and I took some digital pix while I was there. Check out my gallery from 12/31/03 @ CBGB's, where King of France and Moonraker joined in on the fun as well. Good times were most certainly had.
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