nyc, r u 2 broke 2 go get drunk?

I get e-mails. Occasionally, I read some. For example:

From: Ramie (
To: mr gilbert (the big ticket)
Date: Wed Dec 07, 2005 01:40:12 PM CST

Yo Mr. Gilbert,

Hope you are well. Got a favor to ask of you if you can. I don't know if you know Apollo Sunshine, but they f**king rule.

If you get a chance can you plug the fact that Apollo Sunshine & Sam Champion are playing Southpaw tomorrow, and if you buy an advanced ticket from Ticketweb & forward it to, you get a free copy of the sets sent to you? Sort of like what Prince did with Musicology, but instead of getting the album, you get the exact show you went to.

Brilliant huh?


Yes, Ramie, that is brilliant.

MP3 Apollo Sunshine - "Magnolia"
MP3 Apollo Sunshine - "I Was on the Moon"
Go to a kick-ass rock show & get a crisp soundboard recording of that show, for free no less? That's a no brainer, people. Thursday, Park Slope, 8pm, $10. I wish I could make it, but alas I can only recommend attendance.

MP3 Sam Champion - "TV Fever"
I'll talk more about Sam Champion later on as Mix '05 progresses, including their early November stop in Mpls, but for now just know that I can't recommend them enough. If you don't think Slow Rewind, the band's debut LP on Razor & Tie, is one of my top releases of the year, well, you're wrong.

Apollo Sunshine mp3's off the self-titled LP (2005) & Katonah (2003), via Insound.
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