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MP3 Soulwax vs Lipps Inc. - "NY Lipps (Kawazaki Dub)"
Staying on an electronic vibe, things take a turn for the dancier on this mash-up of Soulwax's "NY Excuse" (off 2004's Any Minute Now LP) and Lipps Inc's disco classic "Funkytown" (which can be found on the best of compilation Funkyworld & a million other disco collections). I originally heard it through Headphone Sex, who had this to say at the time:

This is a bootleg floating around at the moment of Soulwax's already classic (and soon to be released properly as a single) 'NY Excuse' mashed up with Lipps Inc's (Lip Sync... geddit) 80's hit 'Funky Town'. It's rumoured to be done by the Soulwax boys themselves. Not sure if there is any substance to this. It may just be a rumour based on the fact they drop in the riff from 'Funky Town' when playing 'NY Excuse' live.

"NY Lipps" eventually made it on to this year's excellent Nite Versions remix album , further evidence of Belgian brothers David & Stephen Dewaele (aka the Soulwax braintrust) involvement on the track. While the original "NY Excuse" is a great track, I may prefer this mash-up, as I'm often quite the sucker for a good cowbell beat, and this one is an incessant booty-shaker.

WMV Soulwax - "NY Excuse" video (via Pias)
Yes, that is LCD Soundsystem member & general DFA-regular Nancy Whang on vocals, and she appears along with the band in this very cutty video.

ETA: Pitchfork drops an 8.2 on Nite Versions in its belated 12/16 review.

MP3 Vitalic - "My Friend Dario"
Matt Fluxblog may have been first on the scene (as per usual) with this thrashing techno track from Frenchman Pascal Arbez, aka Vitalic. Here's what Matt had to say back in February:

Okay, so now we know what Ladytron or Chicks on Speed would sound like if they channeled ZZ Top. Pretty great, actually! I feel like I should be playing some kind of car racing video game while I listen to it, though.

Vrroom, vrroom. IIRC "My Friend Dario" was the first single off Vitalic's debut LP, OK Cowboy, though the album also contains Arbez' earlier European club smash hits "Poney" (parts 1 & 2) & "La Rock 01". What is it about a monotone, affectless female voice that is so damn hypnotic & sexy (although Nancy does a bit more screaming in the previous track)? Perhaps it's something undefines that subconsciously plagues us guys, but still it's pretty freakin' hot. I suppose the song's video is sort of a melding of male fantasies, juxtaposing a smoky singer & her football helmet-laden go-go dancers with a bunch of dudes rawking out on their air guitars (& drums).

WMV Vitalic - "My Friend Dario" video (via Pias)

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