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SPOILER WARNING (although it's already aired people, so relax)

Okay dammit, I'm sold. Veronica Mars - count me in.

Last nite's season two premiere picked up where May's jaw-dropping season one finale left off - kicking serious ass & powerfully setting up Veronica's senior year. While I saw the whole boyfriend switch coming, it was executed almost flawlessly & set up an intriguing scenario with the whole Veronica / Duncan / Logan dynamic, allowing the now-orphaned Mr. Eckles to return to his badboy ways again. What I did not foresee coming was the shocking (and nearly literal) cliffhanger ending. Wow. Poor bitter Meg, and the unfortunately named Mrs. Dumas - we hardly knew ye. Plus, who doesn't adore Papa Mars as vidincated celebrity hero? And Mrs. Casablancas - yowza. While Lost may have won the emmy, I'll be spending my Wednesday nites (8-9pm CT) tuned into UPN. You should be as well, so says Atrios.

Arcade Fire. Tonite. First Avenue. Sold out. No time now. More soon.
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Anonymous Anonymous @ 9/30/2005 10:06:00 AM:

I felt that the pacing was a bit uneven in the season premiere (character development and moral quandaries mostly sacrificed for plot twists and exposition for new viewers), but Veronica Mars is still worth more of an investment than Lost imo. The first season of VM was better written and acted than the first season of Lost, and Abrams' shows tend to dip in quality as soon as he finds a new project anyway (see: Alias, Felicity). Rob Thomas hasn't made enough TV for me to guess his tendencies, but last season sold me on his vision.    

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