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A quick post before I bust ass to get to work...

Despite its unfortunate failure to defend last year's Emmy victory Sunday (fans are venting / comiserating over at The O.P.; more on the Emmys later), TV's best comedy Arrested Development returns for a third season tonite on Fox (8pm ET). Watch it, y'all. C'mon, you know you wanna.

MP3 Sufjan Stevens - "Come on! Feel The Illinoise!"
After dinner at Mouk's on Sunday nite, JRDN & I headed downtown to a suprisingly packed Sufjan Stevens show at First Avenue (blame The Current, who apparently has been playing him nonstop). Sufjan & the Illinoise-makers were solid and a lot of fun (cheerleading antics & all), though there was kind of a lull midway through the set. I only have two other minor complaints: they ran out of normal-sized (not small) t-shirts when I went to get one after the show, and they failed to play this song, the triumphant title track from the acclaimed Illinois LP. I very nearly posted this song back when the album leaked in April, but Keith TTIKTDA beat me to the punch by a matter of hours (I posted Sunday's encore "Chicago" the next day, after a rewrite). Now I get my chance.

Kyle F (w/gal Anna) at the Sufjan show. Kyle says I give good blog. Thanks, Kyle.

That's all I have time for this morning. BTW: Today I turn 27. Weird.
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Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 9/19/2005 06:59:00 AM:

happy birthday, love!    

Blogger ghost robot @ 9/19/2005 07:55:00 AM:

happy birthday dude. you do, in fact, give great blog.    

Blogger James H. @ 9/19/2005 07:57:00 AM:

Happy birthday!    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 9/19/2005 10:49:00 AM:

happy birthday jonny!    

Blogger solace @ 9/19/2005 11:52:00 AM:

i was a bit underwhelmed w/ the show.

not that it was BAD, but it didn't compare to the 400 Bar show really at all. and not even due to the jump in venue size/packed house.

mostly due to the overall lack of energy (even w/ the Cheers, etc.) and lulls between songs.

i also wasn't a huge fan of the arrangements of a few of the Illinois tracks. i realize it would have been impossible to recreate the studio versions, but still, i dunno..

and also, what is up with Katrina Kerns not being there? :(

was also dissapointed w/ no John Wayne Gacey either    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 9/19/2005 01:51:00 PM:

Woah, jus realized it was your b-day!

Cheers again,

Blogger mr gilbert @ 9/19/2005 02:31:00 PM:

solace, this was my first sufjan show, so i had no prior frame of reference.

i liked most of the illinois arrangements, but i agree that for a big stretch in the middle of the show it wasn't much fun. one somber song followed another, the set-up between songs slowed things down, and there wasn't any banter (or cheerleading) to keep the mood lively. the band came back strong at the end w/decatur & metropolis, but the big lull that preceded it did try my patience a little. still, i had a very good time, though i can see how you might have been underwhelmed.

it's kinda like june's malkmus show (though sufjan was better IMO), where other people were disappointed because they had seen him play MUCH better shows, but i was happy enough to just finally make it to a malkmus show that i still enjoyed myself quite a bit.

i assume you're gonna be at arcade fire next week, right? i really want to get up close this time (unlike at the 400) to snap some decent pix (see my recent ted leo set for what i'm aiming for). i hope to see you there.

cp,sorry again i missed your jaunt down to mpls. i hope the drive (or flight?) went smoothly & our cities treated you kindly.    

Blogger solace @ 9/19/2005 02:39:00 PM:

yessir, i should be fairly close for Arcade Fire i'd imagine.

as for the 400 Bar show, think last night only a tighter/better put together show, with a setlist of basically all of Seven Swans, plus a handful of Michigan, The 50 States, and the Star Spangled Banner.

oh yeah, and the gorgeous Katrina Kerns on glockenspiel :)    

Blogger David @ 9/19/2005 03:21:00 PM:

Happy birthday to a blog I read like it's going out of style.

Keep up the Arrested Development love... it's a mitzvah, you know.    

Blogger mr gilbert @ 9/19/2005 04:25:00 PM:

i forgot to mention solace that i too was MASSIVELY disappointed with katrina kerns' absence. i had been looking forward to staring at her all night.

that didn't sound quite right...

anyway, yeah, that sucked too. urgh.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 9/20/2005 07:54:00 AM:

Hey Jon! Thanks for the publicity shot. Hope you had a great birthday!    

Blogger "We will do and then we will obey" @ 9/20/2005 11:24:00 AM:

some funny shit on AD last night!    

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