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I'm back from a nearly month-long hiatus (January was cuh-raaaazy!). I've been delayed in getting a post up all week, preoccupied with the lead-up to tonite's two hour Arrested Development finale, which begins shortly on Fox (7pm CT). I've been re-watching the first two seasons all week, and I've been replaying the first nine episodes of season three throughout today.

As the final countdown to what will most likely be the final episodes of TV's best comedy, my emotions are mixed. I'm still holding out hope that the show might be saved, but I know that the odds are not in our favor. To commemorate the occasion, I'm going to attempt to "live blog" the final four episodes on this post, though I'm not sure how it will go & what there will be for me to comment on, but I'm giving it a go nonetheless.

BTW: If you watch the undoubtably yawn-inducing opening ceremonies of the Olympics on NBC tonite, the terrorists win. SO BE A PATRIOT.

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6:55pm: Waiting for syndicated Seinfeld to end (the one wthe the pig man).
7:00pm: AD 3x10 "Faking It"
- Franklin is back!! And I think he's still white...
- Nope, he just likes Kanye (finally saw the button).
- "You're a crook, Captain Hook! Judge, will you throw the book..."
- My name is Judge...hehehe. Take that NBC.
- Oy, the bar mitzvah chair.
- I can't believe William Hung got a laugh out of me.
- Wow. Bud Cort. Odd cameos galore.
7:30pm: AD 3x11 "Family Ties"
- Lindsay called Tobias "T". I know he's referred to himself as T-Bag.
- The promos for these new Fox comedies are friggin' terrible.
- George-Michael is kinda creeping me out too.
- Man, we're getting ALOT of Franklin. I'm not complaining.
- Yes, Rick Santorum is sooo gay. Brilliant!
8:00pm: AD 3x12 "Exit Strategy"
- CBS franchise...takin' shots at all the networks tonite.
- Belzer/Munch!! No wonder he showed up in S.O.B.'s...
- Burning Bush...brilliant!
- Gary the cab driver? WTF?
- Is that supposed to be Saddam in that Cosby sweater?
- One of those lookalikes IS the soup nazi!
- Mission Accomplished!
- Maeby & George-Michael related!
- Any more bombshells, Mitch?
8:30pm: AD 3x13 "Development Arrested"
- Gulp. The last one. Sigh.
- Ends just like how it started. Well done.
- And more Mad Money. RISKY! DON'T BUY!
- More Sitwell? Please say it's true. I'd stick it to Sally.
- The return of the C-Word. Nice.
- 53 weeks...53 episodes...
- Wow, Sitwell's hair. Wow.
- Michael & Lindsay!?! Yowza, didn't see that coming.
- What ever happened to Annyong? Is he still in the walls?
- G.O.B. & Ann!?! When she said she met a man...Her?
- George-Michael, nice punch.
- Another freebee.
- Annyong!!! OMG!!!
- It's over. I dunno what I think of it. Maybe too much happened.
- "That WAS Arrested Development." Sigh.
- The Ron Howard tag - kinda obvious, I don't know if I like it.
- That's it for now. I need to re-watch & mull it all over.

What does everybody else think? Speak up if you've got an opinion. That is, of course, if there's anybody out there still paying attention to this blog...
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Blogger Unknown @ 2/12/2006 10:40:00 AM:

Absolutely loved the (hope it's not really a) finale. Have already watched the last two hours twice through, and picked up more rapid-fire jokes the second time around.

The other-network references (loved the Veronica Mars one), the whole Justine cameo ("you forgot to say 'away' right there"), hell, we even got a sunset shot. So much more.

Don't know if I should be more pissed at Fox, or the viewing public in general, for screwing this show. Such brilliance.    

Blogger muruch @ 2/12/2006 11:37:00 AM:

I loved and will miss Arrested Development so much. Especially Gob & Franklin.    

Blogger Mitchell - Crumrine @ 2/13/2006 02:21:00 PM:

I've watched it three times over the course of our super snow and my favorite moment always changes. Living in PA, anything that mocks that ass Santorium makes me laugh. I loved Michael saying "away" when talking about Mallory's work ethic. Franklin and Mr. F! Gob as Frank the pimp... f-ing great. But my favorite is probably the return of Anne, and the holy trinity. Not the best of AD but a worthy exit. For what it's worth, my two favorite episodes are Bringing up Buster, with the Cornballer, and Motherboy. Sadly, I think this is the end as Hurwitz is hesitent about taking it to another network because the production schedule is so stressful. At least we were a part of greatness. Sadly, for every AD and SportsNight there will be a Dancing with the Stars and Extreme Makeover.    

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