now hear this first mp3 posting. I'll try to rotate tracks periodically, so get them while they're hot. Don't be afraid to tell me that my taste in music sucks, but please only do so when you actually think so. Compliments are nice, too...

MP3 Ted Leo - "The Sword in the Stone"
The first solo acoustic track off of last year's Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead EP is a gem, but then so is the rest of the album. If I had to categorize Mr. Leo, I'd say he falls somewhere between power-pop and indie rock, but that's really a lame description. He is from Jersey, so that's a good thing. I recommend checking out his recently released concert DVD "Dirty Old Town" that presents a full-band set from Coney Island in 2003, as well as some solo footage from Tinkle @ Pianos NYC.

MP3 Nelly McKay - "Sari"
Nellie McKay is popping up everywhere. I saw her on Letterman last month, then all the buzz around the net prompted me to download her double album Get Away From Me from iTunes, and finally I stumbled into the end of her lunchtime set at Mpls' famed Electric Fetus on Tuesday, where she kicked the ass out of this song (which is actually "Sorry" spelled wrong on purpose). I dragged my sis out to see her full set that same night, and good times were had. The album is appropriately all over the place, as this 19 year-old NYC'er skips from tongue-in-cheek jazz ballads to poppy love songs about dogs to politically driven rap numbers (like this one). This song brought the house down.

MP3 Scott Metzger - "The Day She Went Away"
This solo acoustic performance was recorded 1.16.04 @ Tribeca Rock Club in NYC. It's a Metzger original that is also played with his band (& my favorite Jersey rockers) RANA, who have recently been in the studio recording their follow-up to 2002's Here in the USA. I hope this ballad makes the new album.
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