and so it begins.

Alas, here is my attempt at a blog, folks.

I'm still unsure of why I decided to start this up. It could be due to sheer boredom on my part, or perhaps it's a sign that I'm getting my act together at last. Either way, it will have to be seen if I have anything of worth to actually provide to share with the greater online community - but I might as well take a shot.

I'll probably end up talking about various bands, movies & tv shows worth tuning in to, ousting GWB, and whatever else suits me on a semi-regular basis. I may also post photos, an mp3 or two, and any links/news that I deem interesting enough to share with the rest of you (although it's likely I'll have just found them on someone else's blog).

To my friends & friendsters out there, let me extend an open apology for my being fairly incommunicado during recent months. I hope this is a good step toward doing a better job of staying in touch with y'all.

BTW: I welcome & appreciate feedback, so don't be shy.
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